Anastasia Schleicher


Anastasia "Nettie" Schleicher, age 94, of Faribault, died on Monday, November 29, 2010 at St. Lucas Care Center, Faribault.

Memorial services will be held at Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church, Faribault, on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. with the Reverend Dennis R. Tamke officiating. Interment will be held in Chicago.

Visitation will be held for one half hour prior to the service at the church on Saturday.

Anastasia Peleszak was born on January 9, 1916 in Chicago. She married Alexander Schleicher and he preceded her in death. She was formerly employed as a secretary for CWA Insurance Company. Nettie was an active member of Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church and especially enjoyed singing in the choir.

She is survived by one son, Lawrence (and Kathleen) Schleicher of Rockford, IL; three grandsons, Lee (and Angela) Shaw of West St. Paul, Andrew Shaw of Maple Grove and Zachary Schleicher of Rockford, IL; a dear friend, Leona Owens, of Faribault who provided much love and support; and other relatives and friends.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Alexander; one daughter, Ellen Shaw; one son in law, Charles Shaw; and three sisters, Irene, Olga and Mae.

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Name: Danny Quade
Date: Wednesday April 04, 2012


Well, I wasnt a family member, but felt as thou I was, because of the loving care and direction BOTH Ellen and Charles Shaw gave me growing up- In our teenage punk angst years for myself Lee and Andy. I remeber meeting her in Faribault and the two things that stand out for me are: 1. Star Wars original audio tapes recorded from the radio transmission back in the day ( Yes we were true nerds as well- just cooler leather jacket wearing/combat boot nerds!), and 2. Russian hamburgers, and getting the recipe (that I still have to this day!!) THEN after graduation (1989)in Faribault, Mn. I moved to downtown Chicago on a whim (I decided to move on monday and left on friday) and she let me live there with her, and Lee, while I looked for an apt. in that weeks chicago newspaper! With the truth and honesty Im discussing, I also remember drinking 10-15 year old creme de mint, that had turned to pretty much syrup at that point, in our boxers, out on the streets of Chicago. She had also informed Lee's mother Ellen that I was alive and well, so she could inturn tell my mother- that " I was alive", as I hadn't called home in approx 3-5 months! So these are the odd memories I have of her and the wonderful child she raised- Ellen, and her great husband Charles, and finally their kids and my best friends, both Lee and Andy (and Doctor Who on saturday nights with dominos pizza and soda)............ Danny Quade 4-4-12

Name: Kathy Schleicher
Date: Saturday December 11, 2010


Nettie was my mother-in-law. One day, she said to my newly-wed self that I could call her "Mom" - and she really was my 2nd Mom! Our separation over the past several years has been very taxing, but at least we could call and talk to her. We will miss her terribly... Larry, Zachary and I. Pierogies. Homemade noodles. That and some of the other wonderful baked items (apple slices, grebles, cookie kolaches, etc.) that "Mom" created; she really had a gift. Whenever the whole Chicago family got together, for Easter especially, I can just see everyone seated around the big table, anxiously awaiting the big bowl of buttered freshly-made pierogies to be passed to them. How we all stuffed ourselves! Pass the sour cream; more butter here! There were hardly ever any leftovers! About 4 years ago, "Mom" came for a visit from Faribault, MN, down to our new hometown (Rockford, IL). My sister Dawn and I had previously begged her to teach us how to make pierogies. Dawn had even hand-sewn a lovely "vintage 1950's style” apron for “Mom“, as a gift to commemorate the occasion. How we laughed and had such fun that day! We managed to make and freeze enough pierogies for both our families (most had never had pierogies before!). So now guess what they all are constantly begging for? You guessed it - PIEROGIES!!

Name: Janice Schleicher Crawford
Date: Tuesday December 07, 2010


All of my memories of my Aunt Nettie are from when I was a little girl. I am a grown woman now and deeply regret that over the years Aunt Nettie and I had lost touch. But as I sit here and think of the times we spent together when I was little I have nothing but smiles and happy thoughts. We spent many hours at her home in Chicago back then. Vacation for us was always a trip to see Aunt Nettie and Uncle Al. Our family lived, and still live, in a tiny little town called Benton 300 miles south of Chicago. Going to the city was a BIG deal for us. She and Uncle Al used to take us to visit other relatives. They would take us to places like the Brookfield Zoo and to see Lake Michigan. One of the fondest memories of Aunt Nettie that I have was the way she would drive. She could maneuver in and out of traffic like nobody I had ever seen. No amount of traffic would seem to even unnerve her. We held on tight when Aunt Nettie was driving!! But when she would come down to our little town of Benton she never could seem to handle driving around our little town square. :-) She would always complain that people drove crazy. I still drive around that square daily. And every time I see a car driving rather oddly around it and looking confused I think of my Aunt Nettie. :-) Even though it has been many years since I had seen my Aunt Nettie I thought of her often. Oh, how I wish I had picked up the phone and just called her when I could. Our lives got busy and we grew apart. But I never stopped loving My Aunt Nettie. I know I will see her again someday in Heaven. That makes me happy. Until then, Rest in Peace Aunt Nettie.